“Our only week long holiday of island hopping, biking or hiking and all around the Dodecanese Islands of Greece and Bodrum " Ancient Halicarnassus" Turkey.”

You will spend one week discovering the Dodecanese Islands
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Bike and Sail from Kos Read More
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Walking in and around the Bodrum peninsula
Enjoy the nature
Enjoy the Culture
Follow the ancient paths of the Carians and the Greeks
Taste the local food
See the untouched nature

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Caria and the Carians are mentioned for the first time in the cuneiform texts of the Old Assyrian and Hittite Empires, i.e., between c.1800 and c.1200. The country was called Karkissa. The people are absent from the Egyptian texts of this age. After a gap of some four centuries in which they are mentioned only once, the first to mention the Carians is the legendary Greek poet Homer. In the Catalogue of ships, he tells that they lived in Miletus, on the Mycale peninsula, and along the river Meander. In the Trojan War, they had, according to the poet, sided with the Trojans.note This is a remarkable piece of information, because in Homer's days, Miletus was considered a Greek town; the fact that it is called Carian indicates that the catalogue of ships contains some very old information. In the fifth century, the Greeks thought that the Carians had arrived in Caria from the islands of the Ionian Sea, whereas the Carians claimed to be indigenous. Homer confirms their story. Read More
White and blue layered hot springs

These layered pools in Turkey are otherworldly.

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