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Etrim Carpet Village near Bodrum

Prices of carpets vary from quality to quality and the nature of the carpet. Some salesmen also sell the rug according to the number of knots. Handmade Turkish rugs' price would be high due to the quality. While buying a Turkish rug, it is very essential to look for seven important factors.

  • 1- The Quality of the Rug.
  • 2- Quality of the Wool.
  • 3- The Quality of the Color.
  • 4- Pattern aesthetics and skill in applying it to the rug.
  • 5- Knot density and knot feature.
  • 6- Firm guarantee.

Why Etrim is because it is not a shop but a cooperative working with the government. It is not a shop but set up by the villagers trying to keep their traditions alive. No expensive rents or workers beacuse it all belongs to them. And this makes prices affordable. You can visit it with a village tour, combine it with the City Tour or ask us to have stop on the way to one of our excursions. Village Tour

Lotus Seramics Workshop, in Selcuk near Ephesus

The word “çini” or “cini” is somewhat synonymous with ceramic in modern Turkish, but it strictly means Iznik pottery in some contexts. However historically there was a difference in usage. While the Turks called the pottery used as household ware as “evani”, they named the Turkish tiles as “kaşi”. The most brilliant period of Ottoman cini was in the 16th century. Due to the use of Iznik cini in architectural works constructed during this period, the demand for Iznik wares was high. Following the stagnation and decline of the Ottoman Empire, the city of Kutahya became new production center for the Turkish cini. However in the recent decades, Iznik cini saw a revival. Currently there is a great interest in the art of Iznik pottery or “çinicilik” from the people, academics and the government.

Visiting Lotus can be done on our Ephesus tour on request. It's right between the Artemis Temple and St'Johns Church in the old part of Selcuk ( The new name of first Ephesus settlement)